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Brand Strategy Consulting

“admirable was the simplicity in the approach

Goran Gasparac

Founder And General Manager of the European Business Association In Taiwan

What is the goal you would like to achieve?

What problem are you trying to solve?



创建品牌战略就是为您的组织机构制定未来计划。 它关于揭示您的品牌涉及什么,是什么使其与众不同,以及您希望人们了解您的原因。



外部顾问带来的最大好处在于视角。 您公司的内部人员太过接近产品,以至于无法看到产品对您的受众来说如何;您需要有人打开您的视野,为您和您的受众提取正确的信息。


我的产品已经独一无二,很畅销。 我不需要品牌推广。2021-07-01T14:07:41+00:00

因为您的产品是主导产品而拥有竞争优势确实很棒。 但您面临的风险是,竞争对手进入您的市场,制造出非常类似的产品,这些产品可能更好,可能更便宜,从而对您造成严重破坏。

您凭什么能留住客户? = 您的品牌。



正如我们热衷于设计,我们的设计方法就是为了达到目标。 一个徽标就是一个签名,一个链接。 这本身并无意义。 您首先需要知道的是徽标应代表什么、您的品牌要传达什么故事、您的与众不同之处等。

I just need a new logo, can you help?2021-05-26T22:59:20+00:00

As much as we love designing, our approach to design is made to reach goals. A logo is a signature, a link. Something that doesn’t have meaning on its own. What you need first is to know what the logo should represent, what is the story that your brand conveys, how you are different, etc.

So, what is Brand Strategy?2021-05-26T23:04:49+00:00

Branding is the strategic and creative process of creating a unique brand image by designing an identity, meaningful culture, and consistent experience.

Creating a brand strategy is crafting a plan for the future of your organization. It’s about unveiling what your brand is about, what makes it different, and what do you want people to know you for.

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My product is already unique and selling well. I don’t need branding.2021-01-15T20:36:57+00:00

Having a competitive advantage because your product is a leading product is great. But you are at risk of a competitor entering your market and wreak havoc by creating a very similar product, maybe better, and probably cheaper.

What are the reasons for your customers to stay? = your brand.

The trust that you’ve built will be the promise your audience is seeking

Why should we hire an outside consultant instead of doing it in-house?2021-01-15T20:43:02+00:00

The greatest advantage of having someone external is the perspective. People in your company are too close to the product to see how it looks like for your audience; you need someone to open your eyes and extract the right messaging for you and your audience.